Alfredo Guzmán

Alfredo Guzmán

Twice candidate for the Presidency of AAPG 2004 -2014

Appointed by the Mexican President as a charter Commissioner of the National Hydrocarbons Commission created in 2008. Implemented a new process for the evaluation of the Exploration function in Pemex which led to the development of an exploration portfolio with more than 2500 opportunities from less than 40 that it had before.

Leadered in 1994 – 1995 a project to rejuvenate gas production in the Burgos Basin, which took it from 180 MMcfd to 1,650 MMcfd with the discovery of more than 90 new fields. EUR for the basin went from 10 to 26.5 Tcf.

Leadered the discovery of the first offshore gas province in Mexico, located off central Veracruz State, with the Lankahuasa field, with almost 500 bcf reserves (3P). It came on-stream in March 2006 with 100 MMcfd.

Implemented the rejuvenation of the Veracruz gas basin increasing production from 150 MMcfd in 2003 to over a Bcf. The new production came from nine newly discovered fields and left in 2007 an additional 250 MMcfdg already at wellhead waiting for facilities to be ready.