William waggoner

Wiilam Waggoner

Holds a B.A. in Petroleum Management emphasis in Petroleum Geology, University of Oklahoma. Juris Doctorate, University of New Mexico emphasis Natural Resources Law with special emphasis International Law, Queens College, Oxford University U.K.

Principal Architect and negotiator Model Draft Treaty between the United States and Mexico for the Bilateral Exploration and Production of Hydrocarbons Along a Common Maritime Boundary, which was subsequently published, Puerto Vallarta Treaty – Bilateral Exploration and Recovery of Hydrocarbons Along the Common Maritime Trans boundary Line; 31 Nat. Res. J. 606 (1991); the treaty which was finally passed and ratified a few years ago.

Executive Director of The Independent Petroleum Association of New Mexico: Responsible for drafting and passing 27 Federal/State Laws benefiting Petroleum Industry. Past General Director Trigg Oil and Gas Limited Partnership: Managed, developed and operated Oil and Gas properties throughout New Mexico, Wyoming and Montana Ensured day to day tactical and strategic management of CompanyServed as General and Inside Oil and Gas Legal counsel In Mexico 2008 to present, worked with Industry Leaders and other Oil and Gas Industry leaders on US-Mexico bilateral projects with US service companies per PEMEX incentivized contracts.

In 2013 William Waggoner along with other industry leaders began planning for US-Mexico Exploration and Production Company in anticipation of Mexico’s Energy Reform. 2014, in coordination with Vielper Technology, William Waggoner forms Mexico Petroleum Company an Exploration and Production Company. Current President/CEO of Mexico Petroleum Company responsible for overall company vision, coordination, planning, management of company bilateral relations, inside legal counsel and general strategic operations.